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Our beliefs

Why 3Pumpkins?

3Pumpkins draws inspiration from the Chinese fable ‘Three Monks’. In the tale, a monk fetched two buckets of water from the river to the temple daily. When a second monk came, they initially tried to work together but ended up quarrelling and spilling one bucket of water. Two monks could only manage to fetch one bucket of water. When the third monk joined, they quarrelled even more and returned to the temple from the river empty-handed. Three monks failed to fetch any water.

The story highlights the human irony of ‘less work done when more hands are on deck’. Fortunately, the story takes a positive turn at the end. When the three monks finally cooperated, they successfully saved the temple from burning down. The moral of the story emphasises the power of collaboration, a principle that guides 3Pumpkins on its community-based work.


Shanghai Animation Film Studio (SAFS) produced an excellent animation film of this story in 1981.

A happy and inclusive society with strong human connections.

  • Foster supportive culture and networks in local communities. 

  • Elevate self-esteem for people from vulnerable backgrounds.

  • Refresh understanding and approaches to community issues






We are dedicated to human well-being. By actively listening to diverse perspectives, we understand complex human issues and respond with empathy.



We recognise that no individual or entity can solve every problem. By pooling diverse strengths, we progress together towards shared goals.



We identify that In every situation, there are unique opportunities and challenges. Being attentive and flexible in responding to change is crucial for creating appropriate interventions.



We acknowledge that building strong human connections takes time and practice. We thrive by fostering creativity and innovation through a sustained and measured manner.

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