Media Report

  • This Is What We Eat At Home presents peek into food heritage of six families, The Home Ground, 2021

  • Laptop Repair Clinic, IMDA, 2021


  • Making Lengkok Bahru Home, Our SG, 2020

  • 世代承诺 恪守信约, 早报,2020 (Zaobao article translations in English)

  • Connecting different community groups through "Stay Home Quilt" art project, Tzu Chi Foundation, 2020

  • Fruit Shop Art Residency: Seeing the Obvious with Isabelle Desjeux, Plural Art Mag, 2020

  • ​​Brunch Talk: Distant yet close, Artists going digital, TWorks Singapore, 2020 (Transcript)

  • Heroes Unmasked: Music and content loaded on MP3 players for seniors living alone to enjoy, Today, 2020

  • Reconnecting with our seniors with vernacular radios during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore, Arts Republic, 2020

  • Letter from Singapore: Shades of Orange, Plural Art Mag, 2020

  • Playground Rules: Engaging children through free play in the neighbourhood, Lasalle College of the Arts "Pedagogies Beyond" Series, 2020 (Transcript)


  • Impacting communities through the arts, National Arts Council, 2018

  • Let’s Go PLay OutSide!: Creating a community through ritual, Artswok Collaborative, 2018


  • Bringing fun and games to many lives, Straits Times, 2017