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Our Approach

3Pumpkins’ core practices revolve around community art and community development work.

We adopt and implement a participatory approach in both work when engaging with communities.

Why Participatory?

We believe that for people to thrive, they need to feel a sense of autonomy, relatedness and competency. ¹ Participatory methods actively involve communities in decision-making processes, enabling them to have a real say in shaping futures. These methods also provide opportunities for individuals to form connections, collaborate and offer mutual support, thereby strengthening social bonds. By co-creating necessary resources, knowledge and skills, individuals are empowered to navigate challenges with greater confidence.


Participatory methods also ensure that interventions are firmly rooted in the context of the community. By taking into account lived realities of the people we serve, we can develop solutions, and ownership of these solutions, that are truly responsive to the ground’s needs and aspirations.

¹ Autonomy, Relatedness and Competence are the three key psychological needs identified in the self-determination theory to promote motivation.

Community Art

3Pumpkins creates access for artistic enjoyment and expressions in community settings, especially for the vulnerable. Our practice is grounded in the strong belief that art is a transformative tool that can evoke self-awareness, elevate self-esteem, strengthen social bonds and shed light on community issues. We also actively explore socially-engaged art, where the main goal is to reimagine and reshape the fabric of social interactions. The practice takes on a multifaceted approach to create dynamic and inclusive spaces where individuals from all walks of life can come together and co-create shared experiences.

Community Development

We are also committed to the work of connecting, aggregating and building shared spaces, relationships, resources and routines to strengthen social resilience. Our flagship project, Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC), is a community children’s club that positions itself as the “good gang in the neighbourhood” for children aged 7-14 from disadvantaged backgrounds. TTKC collaborates closely with Comlink+ to foster a proactive and integrated social support network.

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