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This is Me! Bundle Package

This is Me! Bundle Package

This is Me! Bundle Package consists of This is Me! volume 1, volume 2 and 5 hand-printed cards featuring artists' drawings in the second volume of This is Me!


This is Me! is an annual magazine that documents the children's artwork that has been produced in Tak Takut Kids Club, a warm and happy community children centre that encourages friendship and the growth of self and community identity.


Volume 1 features our engagement in the first year, where children from different backgrounds and personalities are accepted and loved by simply being who they are. Through free expression in making markings, asking questions and finding answers, the children are encouraged to open up and connect with themselves and friends in the neighbourhood.


Volume 2 features five young artists who have drawn hundreds of images during their free time at the centre, showing us the pure meaning of art-making as a way for humans to deal with a world that can be very confusing, boring, depressing yet inspiring at the same time.


The hand-printed cards feature each unique design created by an artist of Volume 2 This is Me! Every card is then hand-printed by the community as a collective effort to sustain a shared space. It comes with 5 individual envelopes for gifting.


For self-collection, enter SELFCOLLECT@TTKC to waive mailing fees. If you'd like to purchase 5 or more bundles please contact us at 


Important Note!

First dispatch of orders - 30th November 2022

Second dispatch of orders - 30th December 2022

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