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Annual Fundraiser - This Is Us! 2022

This is us stars.png
This is us stars.png

Our annual fundraiser invites small corporates and individuals to contribute with their independent fundraising projects. No amount is too small. Together, we are aiming to raise $91,000 in 2022. As TTKC moves forward into its 4th year, we will be focusing on reflecting and consolidating our unique approaches so that we become better advocates for the children.


We sincerely invite you to join us in this collaborative journey to better support children who have so much potential to care for themselves and others.


Campaign ends 31 January 2023.

Giving Cash 

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Giving Time

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We believe that the most important space we can give to the community is the time given to forming positive connections and building meaningful relationships. As our community building and art engagement efforts grow with positive response from the community, we definitely require more help in doing the work!

If you are interested in internship or volunteering in other ways, please contact

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Support our community artist by buying their art work home!