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This is Me! #02

This is Me! #02

This is Me! is an annual magazine that documents the children's artwork that has been produced in Tak Takut Kids Club, a warm and happy community children centre that encourages friendship and the growth of self and community identity.


Volume 2 features five young artists who have drawn hundreds of images during their free time at the centre, showing us the pure meaning of art-making as a way for humans to deal with a world that can be very confusing, boring, depressing yet inspiring at the same time.

This Is Me! is available for sale at $10 not including $2 for mailing fees. The proceeds from this sale will help fund Tak Takut Kids Club. Limited copies are available, get yours now!

For self-collection, enter SELFCOLLECT@TTKC to waive mailing fees. If you'd like to purchase 3 or more pieces please contact us at 

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