3P Community Building Programme

3P Community Building Programme is a social practice that combines practices in community building and arts engagement. The work consists three components focusing on the objectives of  


1) Uplifting children from challenging backgrounds to develop personal confidence and interpersonal skills.

2) Building a community of mutual support for parents, individuals and organisations that care for the children well-being.

Let's Go PLay OutSide!
Let's Go PLay OutSide!
Tak Takut Kids Club
Tak Takut Kids Club
Seeing the Obvious
Seeing the Obvious

Let's Go PLay OutSide!

Let’s Go PLay OutSide! (LGPO!) was initiated in 2016 as a social practice that encourages communities to play together, connecting people by engaging the most imaginative members of the society – our children. The motivation of the work is to provide access to the arts for children and families from less privileged background, exploring the role of artists as agents of social change. By activating the common playground as locus of social interaction, LGPO! establishes informal contacts regardless of socio-economic class.Through regular (weekly/fortnightly) and free-spirited meetings with the children and families, LGPO! constantly seeks diverse and creative approaches that have brought in contributions from not only the arts, but also (and not limited to) sports and design. 


In 2019, the programme was invited by South Central Community Family Service Centre to explore the synergy of creative arts and social work in community engagement and social mixing in Lengkok Bahru. Besides engaging over 30 children in each session, LGPO! outreach includes transferring creative facilitation skills to partners from social work, healthcare, and education sectors. LGPO! has also reached out to children in Boon Lay Drive since 2018.

LGPO! has been featured in The Straits Times, FM 958, ArtsWok Collaborative and National Arts Council’s publication “Impacting Communities Through the Arts, 12 Case Studies of Arts Engagement in Singapore”. It has been supported by Arts Fund, National Arts Council, National Youth Council and Our Singapore Fund.

Tak Takut Kids Club

Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC) is a community space that is open to children in Boon Lay, especially those staying in the public rental flats. It provides a safe space for children to express and discover themselves as well as to socialise with others through play and arts-based facilitation. Through an unstructured programme that facilitates according to needs on the ground, the members of TTKC have developed their small hobby groups in chess, drawing, origami, photography, dance, and even homework peer support groups. The list keeps evolving and growing.


Upon understanding the lived experiences of the children and their families on the ground, TTKC develops creative programmes and work with community link partners in order to best support the children in growing up journeys. Our Saturday programme ‘This is Me!’ focuses on having children work with artists to gain self-confidence and acquire skills in self-expression. This 6-month programme then evolves into ‘This is Us!’ where we will hold more conversations about our bigger environment.


TTKC is supported by a small group of believers in a community building work. Our heftiest operation cost is the rent of the space ($2400/month including utilities and maintenance) which is usually an unqualified cost in programming funding. If you would like to support this little haven for children, please consider supporting us by either giving your time, cash, or in-kind donations. 

We welcome volunteers to help out every Tuesday - Friday, 5pm-9pm to befriend the children and help them in their homework. Please fill up this form if you are interested to work with us! 

Seeing the Obvious

Seeing the Obvious is a community place-making project that seeks to activate and transform public spaces in ways that connect people and create a sense of belonging. It is a component of arts company 3Pumpkins' strategic community development arts programme that aims to bridge intra and inter-connection among residents, social service agencies, and stakeholders in a neighbourhood of diverse communities to forge a sense of community belonging. First initiated as a joint project with Nanyang Polytechnic to introduce more playful possibilities to Toa Payoh neighbourhood park through design, the work received Cities of Love merit award (2019) for social sustainability. 

A similar collaboration happened in Lengkok Bahru (2019) where 9 public project were created by students from Nanyang Polytechnic (School of Design, Visual Communication), artists Isabelle Desjeux and Farez Najid. The diversity of the works ranges from wall murals, floor graphics, transforming a shop into a pinhole photography dark room and exhibition space, and thumb wrestling tournament. All the projects include elements of co-creation with the communities and stakeholders in Lengkok Bahru, such as South Central Community Family Service Centre, Tian Xiang F&B (coffeeshop), and Lengkok Bahru Residents' Network.