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Connecting people through the arts

Founded in 2019, 3Pumpkins is a community-based art charity committed to facilitating strong human connections within and across communities. Our work sits in the intersection of art, community and social work.

What's On

Community Development

Better Eat Better


Children have the power to make better food choices! The Better Eat Better project was initiated with permaculture consultancy Cultivate Central in November 2022 to promote awareness, adoption, and advocacy for healthy eating among children and their families at Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC). Check out the upcoming activities open to the public!


Movements for Health Launch

Catch us at the official launch of Movements for Health, organised by MOHT (Ministry of Health Office of Healthcare Transformation)

Date: 1 June 2024

Venue: Boon Lay Community Club

Time: 1-6pm

Better Eat Better Open House 

Join us in the community tour to experience how the TTKC folks grow, shop, cook, and eat as a big family! 

Save the date: 5-7 September

More ticketing info coming soon.

Community Arts

This is Me!


We are preparing for the 4th edition of “This is Me!”, an annual zine produced with the TTKC community to feature the unique perspectives and voices of children. This edition features children who have displayed strong creativity in visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts and fashion design!

Launch Date: October 2024

A Young Person’s Guide to Caring for Young Person
(Working Title)


Counselling, mentorship, community support, medical care... how do all these intervention look like from the perspective of a young person on the receiving end? Supported by facilitator Lim Cixuan and illustrator Anngee Neo, "Bean" shares her insights of the mental health system through a comic book.

Anticipated Launch Date: January 2025

Latest Updates 

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