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This Is Us

Will you help keep our space?

Since August 2019, Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC) has been a community space for children and youth with diverse needs and backgrounds in Boon Lay Drive. This relational place-making work aims to co-create a safe and happy kampung for children to grow up in.


Every day at TTKC can be described as ‘same, same but different’. Kids stop by to meet friends, get homework help, run barefoot in the grass, resolve quarrels, observe garden worms, dance, learn to juggle, practice badminton, make stuff, or just sit and chat.


At times, life throws us a curveball. When kids are shattered because of a tough time at home or in school, we provide them with comfort, support, and assistance. TTKC works with Comlink@Jurong West and is an important connector to bridge the communications between children, parents, schools, social service agencies and other stakeholders.


Annual (Per Year)

Rent for community kitchen & maker space


Conservancy charges






Cleaning, maintenance


This is Us! is an annual fundraiser to help cover TTKC’s rent and utilities for the next year. We aim to raise $40,000 to ensure that no matter what happens, the kids will continue to have a safe space that belongs to them.



With your help, we can pay the rent and continue to have a dedicated space to call our own. With your generosity, we can continue to make TTKC a safe and happy place for kids to discover new interests, feel accepted, and become their best selves – on their own terms.

Help us reach $40,000!

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Yay! $40,000

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Donate Directly 

PayNow to
3Pumpkins Limited, UEN 201918810N​


Bank transfer to
3Pumpkins Limited, DBS 002-907562-2

Our Crewmates

Here at TTKC, we believe strongly in people’s power. We are honoured that our children and volunteers from all walks of life have come together as CREWMATES to defend this precious space together. Check out our crewmates’ projects and lend your support!



Play Play Only Lah Rubber Band Ropes
by AJ and Auntie Rabiah

Auntie Rabiah is the oldest child at Tak Takut Kids Club, working as a part-time cleaner while having fun interacting with the children. In her spare time, Auntie Rabiah helps us save maintenance money by scavenging newly discarded carpets, furniture, pots and pans in the neighbourhood. Her favorite tagline line is ‘play play only lah!’

In this year’s fundraiser, she is roping in TTKC's special projects manager and volunteer, AJ, for help this time, making “play play only!” rubber band skipping ropes in that classic red colour. Remember playing Zero point? If you would like to support Auntie Rabiah’s part-time income and get your hands on this nostalgic item, you have to act fast!

Product Specifications

First 10 pieces: $3 each
11th piece onwards: $2 per piece
Prices include postage (mail order only)

Whatsapp 97472111 for orders!

(fun)raising muffins
by Megan and The Signature Patisserie

Crewmate Megan has been a volunteer at Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC) since she was a mugging tertiary student. Together with “The Signature Patisserie”, she is baking a special holiday box of assorted muffins in fixed flavours for TTKC’s fundraiser.  Each mouth numbingly tasty box of treats only costs $25 and comes with a gift card specially created by TTKC kids. For every box sold, The Signature Patisserie will donate $10 to TTKC. Order by 22 Dec and 28 Dec to have the muffins delivered on either 24 Dec 2021 OR 30 Dec 2021

Muffin Box Set:

$25 includes 6 different flavours ($10 will go to TTKC)

Free Delivery on 24 Dec & 30 Dec

Alternate Date: +$10/location