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Together, we raised $95,066!

Stay tuned for the detailed reports.


‘This is Us!” A Village of Care fundraiser is an annual campaign to raise funds for the upkeep of Tak Takut Kids Club’s multi-functional spaces. The spaces include a multi-purpose art studio, a community kitchen, a community garden, and a working office.

The campaign runs till 31 March 2024, and aims to raise $110,000 from the public. Fund raised is matched 40% by the Tote Board Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme.

Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC) is a children’s community club that serves as a safe space for children aged 7-14 from vulnerable backgrounds. Located in Boon Lay, the club has served over 200 children living in the neighbourhood.


The ground-up project began in 2019 as an independent social experiment to find out if a child-centric community space, embedded in rental flat estate, would bring any positive change to its environment and its young residents. With over 250 children and their family members engaged, TTKC is now a key partner of the Comlink@Jurong West and MOH (Office) of Healthcare Transformation to improve the landscapes of coordinated upstream social support and community health.

“Tak Takut” means "no fear" in Malay. The club is named with the hope that it will help children develop the confidence to meet challenges in life.

about tak takut kids club

When we talk about social support for children, we need to recognise that their caregivers are in different phases of breaking out of instability and finding stability. This process takes time, over a few years at least. So what happens to the children - their self-esteem, their social connections and their worldview -  in their growing years?


A stronger community that is embedded in the neighbourhood needs to be developed over time to meet the children where they are: a community that is fun, caring, and

not afraid.

-  Lin Shiyun, Founder of TTKC


A village of care

With support from Tote Board Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme, all donations to this fundraiser will be matched 40%.


Donations will be channelled to 3Pumpkins Limited, a registered charity that initiated and operates TTKC. Please note that there will be no tax-exemption for the donations given. 


A breakdown of the projected utilisation of funds is available at the end of this page. These are the ways which you can help support us in gathering funds to sustain a village of care.

TTKC was developed with the mission of creating a happier and safer environment for children.


By transforming living spaces and building communities, the work identifies strengthening human connections as the bedrock of social support for children and their families.

support ttkc

Spaces form an integral part of the club. Occupying a ground floor shophouse, TTKC welcomes any child who walks in. Unlike conventional drop-in centres, TTKC removes barriers to entry for children to connect with others by being present 20 hours a week and welcoming any child who walks in. At TTKC, children co-create and engage in a range of participatory activities such as cooking, gardening, free play and getai (a performative platform where children can showcase their talent), creating a non-judgemental space where they feel seen and heard.


By bringing together people who share the same values in being present for the children by respecting, listening and gently guiding them, the work builds a culture of care that keeps forming positive ripples across the neighbourhood and beyond. 

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3Pumpkins Limited

DBS Bank


If you prefer to donate using bank transfer, 
please indicate  ‘ThisisUs2023’ in the reference.

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3Pumpkins Limited


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receive a special edition card set when you donate !

be a crewmate


In previous fundraisers, we were supported by creative individuals, families and businesses who are keen to run their own individual campaigns.


Projects include selling home bakes, conducting interest-based courses, selling DIY art pieces, to amplifying the campaign on social media.

If you would like to be part of this movement, please email us at to discuss more!

We would greatly appreciate it if you could email us at after the transaction so that we would be able to keep in touch with you!


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