About Us

3Pumpkins is a non-profit arts company which believes in creating inclusive arts-based platforms that connect and build positive relationships, working towards the goal of community development and social sustainability for the benefit of children and youth. We are guided by these principles in our work:

Social role of the arts: in discovering and addressing social gaps, connecting and building communities


Collaborative process: involving stakeholders, agencies and community members across different sectors to

facilitate social connections and sustainability


Eco-sustainability: in creating works with minimal waste

Our core strategic programmes are 3P Community Development Arts Program a 3-year tiered programme designed to connect, engage and build communities, and 3P Community Arts Lab, a ground-up community arts residency space in Nee Soon. We also specialise in working with artists across disciplines to produce inspiring works that involve co-creation with different communities and promote social connections, such as giant puppet performance The Rubbish Prince.

Our work has been featured in The Straits Times (2017) and National Arts Council’s publication Impacting Communities Through the Arts (2018). Our place-making project Seeing the Obvious, a joint initiative with Nanyang Polytechnic, was awarded Cities of Love (2019) for social sustainability. Our creative director Lin Shiyun has received a 2-year (2019-2021) research grant by National Arts Council on discovering community development through the arts.

3Pumpkins was formally registered in April 2018 as a public company limited by guarantee. Our company sponsors include Berries - World of Learning and private donors.

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