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About The Project


By 3Pumpkins, Tak Takut Kids Club           


Mealtimes at home are not only a time for eating. They are also about creating memories together, intertwined with knowledge passed down from one generation to the next, where elders and children invest in each other with care. 

This is What We Eat at Home is a participatory photography project featuring 12 children and youth from very diverse households in Boon Lay. Through capturing meal preparations and candid sharing of their life experiences, these young persons and their family members shed light on a diversity of caregiving models, heritage and value systems that exist in a socially complex community.


3Pumpkins is a community arts and social development agency that operates Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC), a children and youth centre in Boon Lay Drive. TTKC aims to build a happier and safer environment for young persons from vulnerable backgrounds, creating innovative outreach and developmental programmes through collaborative and participatory approaches. It is a key partner of Comlink @Jurong West in the exploration of upstream interventions in integrated social support.



Creative Producer: Lin Shiyun

Project Manager: Ajriani Asrul

Photography Mentor: Larry Toh

Exhibition Designer: Lim Wei Ling, Low Chiou Jiing

Caricature Artist: Muhammad Sulaiman 

Music Composition: Zai Kuning

Digital Lead: Cheryl Gan

Production Support:

Imran Mohamad, Oh Jin Ziv, Muhammad Zam, Kar-men Cheng, Li Xie, Amanda Yeo, Kelvin Soh, Megan Hon
Exhibition Builders: 

Don Tan Kheng Leng, Iyan, Daniel Soh Wei Jay, Liew Chooi Yee, Toh Kai Qing Geralyn, Lim Xinying, Natasha Aneesa Marican Binte Mansor, Chia Chee Chen Maximillian, Beverly Su Yu Ning, Lin Jun Quan


Arel Sahota and mother, Sheetal Rani

Ariel Nour Nadeera Ishika Ibni Muhammad Iqbal and grandmother, Mdm Chua

Audra Maryssa Binte Hamblee and mother, Aminah Ahmad

Chen Ya Xuan and grandmother, Sit Ah Moi

Cindy Toh Mei Li and mother, Nguyen Ngoc Thi Hien

Hayden Ridzky Tobe Igwe Junior and mother, Siti Yuslisah Oshiafi

Lee Wen Cong Lucas and great-grandfather, Lim Lye Thiam

Mohamad Aaron Rizqi Bin Mohamad Noor and father, Mohamad Noor

Muhammad Sulaiman Bin Muhamad Najib Muti-ie and mother, Asmidar Binti Mat Adam 

Nur Eshal Khairiya Binte Mohamad Shaferi and mother, Kariinah Fitri Wani Binte Kasroni

Sakthivel Shoban and family

Zay Linn Htet and mother, Grace Yin Thandar Aung


This work was first presented as part of the Singapore HeritageFest 2021 and commissioned by the National Heritage Board.

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