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About The Team


3Pumpkins is a socially-engaged arts organisation that runs Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC), a children and youth community club in Boon Lay Drive. TTKC aims to build a happier and safer environment for young persons aged 7-14 from vulnerable backgrounds. It is a key partner of ComLink @ Jurong West in the exploration of upstream interventions in integrated social support. In support of improving community health, the club is also a key community partner of Movements for Health (M4H) project. 

TTKC is funded by Singapore Together Movement, with support from Quantedge Foundation (Singapore), GIC and Chew How Teck Foundation. The M4H project is funded by Tote Board and MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT) and supported by The Majurity Trust.


Shiyun is the Founder and Executive Director of 3Pumpkins. Since 2016, Shiyun has conducted extensive practice research to discover the lived realities of children from less privileged backgrounds. Rather than focusing the lens on poverty, she firmly believes that practitioners should focus on studying and re-connecting self and social relations for  individuals living on the edge.

Working with multi-disciplinary practitioners from the arts, science, permaculture, to government officials as well as with the community member themselves, Shiyun’s body of work cuts through conventional categories with the aim of delivering the most social impact for the community she serves. Her work is most fully embodied in Tak Takut Kids Club, a community children and youth centre serving the families of Boon Lay Drive, Singapore.


Producer:                              3Pumpkins
Lead Artist:                           Lin Shiyun
Photography Mentor:         Larry Toh, Phua Li Ling
Project Manager:                 Ajriani Asrul
Digital Lead:                         Cheryl Gan
Caricature Artist:                Muhammad Sulaiman
Music Composition:          Zai Kuning

xhibition Designer:         

Huang Suhuai (Edition 1, 2021)

Lim Wei Ling, Low Chiou Jing (Edition 2, 2022)
Ruen Qing Wong (Edition 3, 2023)


Edition 1 (2021)

Ariel Nour Nadeera Ishika Ibni Muhammad Iqbal and grandmother, Mdm Chua
Lee Wen Cong Luc
as and great-grandfather, Lim Lye Thiam
Mohamad Aaro
n Rizqi Bin Mohamad Noor and father, Mohamad Noor
Muhammad Sulaiman Bin Muhamad Najib Muti-ie and mother, Asmidar Binti Mat Adam 
Sakthivel Shoban and family
Zay Linn Htet and mother, Grace Yin Thandar Aung

Edition 2 (2022) 

Arel Sahota and mother, Sheetal Rani
Maryssa Binte Hamblee and mother, Aminah Ahmad
Chen Ya Xuan and grandmother, Sit Ah Moi
Cindy Toh Mei Li and mother, Nguyen Ngoc Thi Hien
Hayden Ridzky Tobe Igwe Junior and mother, Siti Yuslisah Oshiafi

Nur Eshal Khairiya Binte Mohamad Shaferi and mother, Kariinah Fitri Wani Binte Kasroni

Edition 3 (2023)


Aden Chew Wen Xuan and mother, Wang Shu Jun

Khloe Colette Rabel and mother, Elizabeth Josephine Arul

Nicholas Chin Ming Feng and Tak Takut Kids Club Staff

Rowshaun Subhas and family helper, Yatminah

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