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This is Us! 2022 Fundraiser Report

Updated: 5 days ago

Dear friends of 3Pumpkins,

Our annual community fundraiser This is Us! has just concluded in January 2023. In this fundraiser, we have set out a goal of raising $91,000 for a smooth upkeeping of the organisation’s administration, operations and human resource. This is especially necessary for the sustenance of Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC), our most resource-heavy community development project.

We are extremely happy to announce that with the great support of our community members, partners, donors and funders, we have raised a total of $118,608.85!

'This is Us!' 2022 Key Visual

TTKC has grown leaps and bounds in 2022. With an outreach to over 170 children and youth in Boon Lay, the club is a safe haven safeguarded by a community of 30 adults which includes our staff, facilitators and volunteers. As a brainchild of an arts-based organisation like ours, TTKC has presented 4 new public art projects co-created with the community. As a dynamic social connector, we have worked with over 50 partners to provide integrated care to our children and youth. As a centre that focuses on developing social resilience for vulnerable communities, we have created lasting inter-generational bonds that have connected people aged 3 to 83 from all walks of life.

As TTKC is now entering its fourth year as a happy and safe space for the young ones, we are co-creating stronger programmes and structures to journey with our community. In the first quarter of 2023, we are excited to announce several new programmes that are under way:

1) Better Eat Better Movement, a 2-year Children’s Food for Health project in partnership with Cultivate Central and supported by the Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT). November 2022 to October 2024.

The 'Better Eat Better' Donation Guide put up in TTKC's kitchen space suggests better food alternatives for public members who are keen to contribute donations.

2) Epic Kids Adventure, a tabletop role-playing game for children conducted by TableMinis. Commenced in January 2023.

The game is in session! A group of 3 players with their character sheets.

3) Tinkering with Stick’Em, a 6-month collaboration with Stick’Em to explore ways of building with sticks, connectors and electronics. Commenced in February 2023.

Children excitedly bringing their creations out to the playground after a focused session indoors of learning and building.

4) Kiap Kiap Revolution, a commission by Esplanade for March On 2023 to present the wacky and imaginative world of mutant dolls co-created by Jimmy Ong and the children of TTKC. 9 to 19 March 2023.

Encounter this mutant doll and many others in our upcoming participatory art showcase 'Kiap Kiap Revolution: Re-imagine, Re-order, Re-connect' at Esplanade from 9 to 19 March 2023.

5) Best of TTKC Getai!, an online showcase of our Getai community programme to an international audience commissioned by Drama Box as an organising partner of International Community Arts Festival (Rotterdam). 31 March 2023.

'Getai' is a weekly open mic community routine in TTKC where children present song, dance, stand-up comedy, and anything that they love to be seen by an audience.

On behalf of 3Pumpkins and TTKC, thank you so much for believing in our work. We also want to extend a warm thank youuuu! to all crewmates, donors, funders, supporters, and our very own TTKC community for your heart and sincere efforts in helping us reach our fundraising goal.