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View the full fundraising report below:

WE RAISED A TOTAL OF $118,608.85!

The fundraiser has concluded in January 2023 with the great support of our community members, partners, donors and funders.

This is us stars.png
This is us stars.png

Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC) is a community space run by non-profit organisation 3Pumpkins. Located in Boon Lay Drive, the centre is open to children and young persons aged 7-14 with diverse needs and backgrounds.

A Safe
Social Space


Fondly described by 11-year-old Nikky as ‘the only therapeutic space in my life’, TTKC consists of a multi-purpose art studio, community kitchen, and a children’s garden. Kids walk in and out freely to meet friends, cook up a storm, get homework help, observe garden worms, dance, play badminton, or simply sit and chat. We build a stable and safe space to form positive social connections.


Three girls harvesting spring onions at Kebun Rasa Sayang


A Self-discovery Space

3Pumpkins’ participatory art projects are designed in response to children and young persons who wish to be seen and heard. Through a range of art mediums, they learn to open up, express themselves and communicate their ideas to a wider public. We build a personalised and reflective space for children to form deeper connections with the self.


Arel with his mother experiencing their exhibit at This is what we eat at home in Esplanade

A Collective Action Space

As a strategic partner of Comlink @Jurong West, TTKC is part of a larger integrated social support network. Always present on the ground, we are the first touch point to detect signs of distress and neglect as we play the connector role to bridge children, parents, schools, agencies and other stakeholders. We build a collective space to strengthen social support for children and young persons at risk. The centre has thus far connected with 200 individuals and their families, and journeyed with 50 individuals in close case support.


Community of Tak Takut Kids Club with Boon Lay MP Minister Desmond Lee

TTKC started as a ground-up movement in 2019 to shift care for the community from the formal to the informal sector. As TTKC moves forward into its 4th year, we will be focusing on reflecting and consolidating our unique approaches. More adults will need to be trained to hone the facilitation skills required in the work, and the magnitude of data that is collected on the ground daily needs to be properly made sense of so that we become better advocates for the children.


While our current operations are largely funded by Singapore Together movement and Quantedge Foundation, we continue to rely on the support of our community fundraisers to defray our facilities and administrative costs. “This is Us!” 2021 fundraiser raised $45,000, with small corporates and individuals contributing 18 independent fundraising projects to raise this amount. We are aiming to raise $91,000 in 2022.


We sincerely invite you to join us in this collaborative journey to better support children who have so much potential to care for themselves and others, if only they have more cheerleaders who are present consistently in their lives.


Campaign ends 31 January 2023.

Cost Breakdown

Cost Breakdown


Ray of Hope Platform

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Direct Transfer

PayNow to
3Pumpkins Limited, UEN 201918810N​


Bank transfer to
3Pumpkins Limited, DBS 002-907562-2

Include "This Is Us" in reference section

Help us reach our goal!

Help Us Reach Our Goal!




Our Crewmates

Support our crewmates!

TTKC Colouring Book.jpeg

Children's Day Pay-as-you-wish Colouring Book

Check out the drawings done by children at Tak Takut Kids Club! To celebrate the joy of childhood, 3Pumpkins is sharing an e-copy of whimsical drawings by children of Tak Takut Kids Club (TTKC) for the children in your lives to enjoy colouring! 

We are targeting to raise $5,000 with this mini colouring book campaign to contribute to our larger ‘This is Us!’ fundraiser, where we require $91,000 to cover our centre operations. We invite you to donate generously to our cause in creating a happier and more inclusive environment for all children.

Collaboration with Geneco - The Little Green Heroes

In support of our work in uplifting children in the community, Singapore Electricity Provider Geneco initiated a meaningful fundraiser campaign in which the children of TTKC are invited to illustrate for an e-book titled “The Little Green Heroes”.

Over a month-long process, we brainstormed character design, scenic design, and had a lot of fun putting this book together alongside a professional team who supported the book's digital production. Share this resource widely with children you know, and support our fundraiser if you like what TTKC is doing to empower children!

Geneco Collab.png

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