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About Khloe

Growing up with the consistent care of a loving mother, Khloe Colette Rabel is a fun loving girl who loves playing and experimenting with the camera. Throughout the filming process, she found joy in the little incidents that happened: from a broken blender, to sudden rain, to cutting chicken with the help of a … hammer! 

Featured Caregiver:

Mother, Elizabeth Josephine Arul

Dish of Choice:

Devil's chicken curry


Have a listen to Khloe's reflection in this journey of documenting her mother cooking up a really spicy dish or read on in the transcript below.

Interview with Khloe
00:00 / 04:26

Shiyun: When you first did the project, what do you think the project was about?


Khloe: I know it would be about cooking

Shiyun: And you wanted to do it because it might be fun? Or you wanted to show your mum? Or you want to learn how to use a camera?

Khloe: I want to learn how to use the camera.

Shiyun: I noticed that you try many different angles.

Khloe: Yeah. I tried using tupperware with peanuts, and then it didn't work.


Shiyun: But you're okay with it not working?


Khloe: Yeah.

Shiyun: Does the camera make you look at your mum differently?

Khloe: Mm...

Shiyun: Did you see something that you didn't see before?

Khloe: No.

Shiyun: In your memory, is your mum always busy?

Khloe: Yeah.

Shiyun: Do you know her schedule very well?

Khloe: She doesn't have a schedule.

Shiyun: Oh, so she will tell you every day in the morning? What?

Khloe: No, I just know.

Shiyun: How come you just know if she doesn't have a schedule?

Khloe: Because I ask her.

Shiyun: Oh, so every morning you ask her?

Khloe: Yeah.

Shiyun: Like what she's doing today?

Khloe: Yeah. I will ask her, what time you coming home, what time you fetch me, whether I go home by myself, whether you got work. That's all.

Shiyun: Okay. Do you eat at home every day?

Khloe: Yeah, but my mum, she sometimes, she doesn't eat every day.


Shiyun: Then what does she eat?

Khloe: Sometimes? Sometimes, sometimes. Then.


Shiyun: Then what does she eat?

Khloe: Normally in the morning? Normally in the morning, she'll either eat bread or cereal, then afternoon she would just eat like biscuit and drink something. But at dinner time, She said she normally every day doesn't eat rice at night.

Shiyun: Does she frequently cook or rarely cook nowadays?

Khloe: Uh, she rarely cooks nowadays. She doesn't always cook.

Shiyun: Because it sounds like she only cooks for you to eat.

Khloe: If my father is here, she will cook la.

Shiyun: Your father comes from, comes in from...

Khloe: Malaysia, yeah. If he's too busy and then he cannot come here, then we have to go to Malaysia and take care of our cat.

Shiyun: How many cats do you have here?

Khloe: Only just one.

Shiyun: Oh, okay. Where is home for you? Is it Singapore or is it Malaysia?


Khloe: Malaysia.

Shiyun: Malaysia. Why is Malaysia home?

Khloe: Because. I have a pet there and the house is very big, but the house in Singapore is very small. Malaysia I feel at home because every time when my mum buys food over there at the market, (when) I go normally the people who work there will recognise me because they met me when I was small, but then they do not anymore.

Shiyun: So you, you like them, you like the people in the neighborhood?


Khloe: Yeah.

Shiyun: Because they recognise you.

Khloe: Yeah.



Shiyun: Let's talk a bit about being Eurasian.

Khloe: Eurasian? I'm not Eurasian.

Shiyun: You are not a Eurasian?

Khloe: Eh... I am, I am, I am.

Shiyun: Are you or are you not?

Khloe: I am.

Shiyun: You are a Eurasian. What's a Eurasian?

Khloe: I don't know.

Shiyun: Okay, so you featured Eurasian food here. It's called the Devil's Curry.


Khloe: Yeah.

Shiyun: Do you know anything about Devil's Curry?

Khloe: Mm, no.

Shiyun: So Devil's Curry is this thing where you, um, it's like a Eurasian food. So after Christmas, you put all this leftover food and cook them into a kind of curry and make it really spicy. And that's the origin of Devil's Curry.

Khloe: I think so.

Shiyun: You think so?

Khloe: I don't know.

Shiyun: You don't know what it is?

Khloe: My mum never tell me...

Shiyun: Your mum didn't tell you? Oh, okay. So what is it like being... what is, what is a Eurasian?

Khloe: I really don't know.

Shiyun: You really don't know? Okay.

This project was completed in 2023. Photography mentored by Phua Li Ling.

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